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More and more companies are setting ambitious climate targets—aiming to measure and reduce their footprint while offsetting unavoidable emissions with carbon-capture projects. Many, however, lack the tools and resources to do so efficiently. That’s because voluntary carbon-neutralization markets are complex, as well as time and resource intensive. What’s more, accessing high-quality projects requires purchase minimums, developer relationship management, and complicated contract negotiations.

No need to wait

Evaluating projects and completing offset purchases across a diversified portfolio of high-quality, verified projects is as easy as a few clicks, thanks to Patch’s self-service dashboard. This makes it ideal for businesses lacking the time and resources to integrate carbon removal into their products and services.

Portfolio curation

Offset your scopes 1-3 emissions through a broad range of nature-based and human-engineered projects—all in a few clicks.

Easily curate a portfolio of high quality projects
Manage, access, and report on all your offsets and removals in the same place.

Carbon removal and offsets management

Manage, access, and report on all your offsets and removals in the same place.

Time-to-market acceleration

Quickly launch an MVP, test user demand, and fully scope out an embedded carbon-removal use case by placing bulk orders through the dashboard or by using Checkout Links in place of our API.

Checkout links, dashboard and the API make it easily to quickly launch and MVP.

Patch solutions

Self-service dashboard

Explore projects based on criteria like verification standards, permanence and additionality metrics, or price per ton in order to build a diversified carbon offset and removal portfolio in line with your brand, budget, and footprint.


Store and manage your certificates in a single place to easily share them with your customers, suppliers, and stakeholders.

Carbon-removal checkout links

Embed Patch-hosted checkout pages and let Patch manage payments to quickly expose carbon removal purchasing to your users. Engage your stakeholders in your climate action initiatives by inviting them to purchase their own carbon offsets and removals.

Patch has enabled us to automatically fund a portfolio of frontier carbon removal projects in real-time without ever needing to write a single line of code. This will make it much easier for us to scale our business and our environmental impact in lockstep.

Ryan Shearman
Cofounder & CEO at Aether

Patch is the best in the business when it comes to a technology-led approach to offset transactions and accessibility across a wide and trusted set of offset and carbon removal providers. I have no doubt that they'll be a key part of the digital infrastructure of the new energy economy.

Kentaro Kawamori
CEO & Co-Founder, Persefoni