A greener way to travel

Awaken climate-conscious travel by turning consumers into climate partners

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A high-impact sector

Combined, travel, tourism, and transportation represent one of the globe’s largest emitting industries. Everything from flights and hotel stays to auto travel and ride sharing leave behind a substantial carbon footprint with long-term implications for our planet.

A climate-aware approach

Companies in these sectors can begin to mitigate their negative impact by embedding carbon footprinting and removal directly into their products. The effect is doubly beneficial: Emissions are offset while consumers are empowered.

Travel booking

Surface the carbon footprint of anything from a flight or hotel stay to a bus or train ride. Then enable consumers to choose to offset emissions at the point of purchase—or bake them into the final cost. Ideal for transportation and lodging providers, as well as third-party booking platforms.

Surface the carbon footprint of anything from a flight or hotel stay to a bus or train ride.
Calculate the emissions from a ridesharing and carpooling trip.


Further increase the positive impact of ride sharing and carpooling by calculating a trip’s footprint and offsetting these already reduced emissions.

Patch solutions


Provide an engaging, educational, and transparent climate-action experience with API-delivered project information and content.

Travel Estimates

Programmatically estimate flight, car, bus, train, and hotel emissions to inform consumers and empower them to act accordingly.

Carbon removal

Easily purchase carbon offsets and removal from a diversified portfolio of projects.

Patch has enabled us to automatically fund a portfolio of frontier carbon removal projects in real-time without ever needing to write a single line of code. This will make it much easier for us to scale our business and our environmental impact in lockstep.

Ryan Shearman
Cofounder & CEO at Aether

Patch is the best in the business when it comes to a technology-led approach to offset transactions and accessibility across a wide and trusted set of offset and carbon removal providers. I have no doubt that they'll be a key part of the digital infrastructure of the new energy economy.

Kentaro Kawamori
CEO & Co-Founder, Persefoni