Aspiration reaches new buyers at scale with virtually zero resources

Patch offers simple, flexible pathways to grow your revenue, not your costs.

Aspiration needed fast, scalable access to new buyers and selling channels to grow their revenue without growing their costs.


Patch offered a flexible carbon credit sales and inventory management platform with a ready-made market for Aspiration to sell to.

Aspiration is a high-impact climate finance company working at scale to help enterprises, consumers, and investors achieve their climate goals. Founded in 2013, Aspiration has evolved their business offering in order to maximize planet impact. The company is now focused on sourcing, deploying capital into, and monitoring carbon removal projects across the globe to generate high-quality carbon credits. 

Aspiration’s network of vetted, trusted carbon project developers and team of climate experts deploy advanced monitoring and reporting technology to ensure all of their projects deliver reliable climate impact, strengthen biodiversity, and benefit local communities over time.

Shifting business models meant shifting sales motions. They needed a way to scale revenue by selling carbon credits to corporate customers through channel partners.

Problem: Growing revenue faster than operational costs

Selling carbon credits at the enterprise and mid-market level is a much different motion than selling individual consumers on banking and investing solutions. B2B deals are often much longer and can be more resource intensive on the sales and operations side. Aspiration needed a way to access and sell to new customers through partnerships instead of scaling direct sales headcount.

Ultimately, Aspiration decided channels such as Patch were the right way to scale flexibly and agilely. Since there are only so many one-to-one deals they could pursue simultaneously, leveraging channels offered Aspiration a lightweight pathway to reach more customers through more mechanisms.

Solution: A flexible platform with a built-in marketplace

The Patch platform offers Aspiration immediate access to new customers in Patch’s demand network via multiple selling modes (from spot purchases to forward offtakes and recurring orders), as well as the ability to sell and fulfill directly with the customers they source. CarbonOS made it easy for Aspiration to convert their projects to sales quickly, with minimal lift and low operational overhead, which was especially crucial for smaller retail deals.

“Our partnership with Patch stemmed from their ability to help us access buyers at scale with virtually zero resources.” 
Tate Mill, Chief Business Development Officer at Aspiration

Patch already supports Aspiration’s go-to-market strategy through marketplace sales via our API and direct purchases, as well as their participation in RFPs and Patch-brokered deals. Very soon, Aspiration will be leveraging CarbonOS to support inventory management, tracking, and  fulfillment. 

“As we’ve gone deeper into the tech stack, it’s clear that Patch is shaping the future of this market with its flexible and rapidly evolving technology platform,” said Tate Mill, Chief Business Development Officer at Aspiration. “As Aspiration seeks to rapidly scale high-impact carbon solutions, collaboration between our companies just made sense.”

Reaching your climate goals just got easier.

Patch makes it simple for businesses and their customers to reach their climate goals faster.

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