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We're on a mission to remove gigatons of carbon from the atmosphere
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Patch offers companies of every size a seamless way to offset unavoidable emissions, through impactful carbon-removal projects—and just a few lines of code. Help us power tomorrow’s climate-positive economy, today.

The time is now

From searing droughts to raging fires and rising sea levels across the globe, climate change is everywhere we look. That’s why consumers are increasingly weighing their impact and choosing businesses that reflect their values. Many companies, however, lack the resources required to actively manage their carbon footprint. And launching carbon-neutrality programs is both time consuming and financially intensive.

Making it easier
to do what’s right

To achieve real climate progress, businesses must focus on rapidly decarbonizing their operations. But some emissions are unavoidable. That’s where Patch comes in. We bring together companies in need of carbon-removal solutions with those who provide them.

Our API puts climate initiatives on autopilot by programmatically offsetting CO₂ emissions, making it simple for businesses to launch carbon-neutral products and services. We do this by partnering with the world’s best carbon-removal scientists and offset developers to build a network of low-cost, high-trust projects.

Using Patch’s platform, businesses can seamlessly purchase negative emissions from projects that specialize in concrete mineralization, direct air carbon capture, improved forest management, biochar, and more. The result is the removal of hundreds of thousands of tons of carbon from the atmosphere each year.

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We're on a mission to remove gigatons of carbon from the atmosphere

We value accountability, teamwork, and a desire for constant growth—both individually and as a collective. We’re driven by a shared desire to impact the world in a meaningful way—and a belief that nothing means more than our planet.

We’re a small team, but our size is our strength. It enables us to work quickly, clearly, and with purpose.

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