The Next Frontier in Carbon Credits: Consumers (Patch x BCG)

Consumer spending is a sleeping giant of climate action potential. If we can unlock even a fraction of consumer spending power, we could direct huge amounts of funding toward climate impact.

Patch partnered with BCG on a new report that surveyed over a thousand consumers on their sentiment and behavior around carbon credits to better understand how to unlock that potential.

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Innovating for climate action: accelerating the development of carbon removal

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BCG Next Frontier In Carbon Credits
What’s inside

This report includes results and analysis from BCG and Patch of the 1,320 person survey. You’ll learn:

  • What percentage of the representative sample are potential purchasers of carbon credits
  • What factors encourage consumers to purchase credits in a transaction
  • How much consumers are willing to pay for credits in different transactions
  • How behavior was affected by demographic factors and transaction conditions
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