Climate action for private equity and venture capital

Climate action for private equity and venture capital

Invest in the future of our planet. Scale climate impact at the fund level or extend sustainability programs to your portfolio.

According to MCSI, private companies emitted 172.8 tonnes of CO2e per $1m of revenue. Investors are uniquely positioned to spark climate action across their portfolio companies.

Drive higher returns for your partners and the planet

Capital allocators are in prime position for exponential climate impact. By incorporating carbon removal into your sustainability programs, firms can achieve both climate and business goals.



77% of capital allocators have pledged to make their portfolios carbon neutral, representing $130T AUM.



47% of private equity funds are addressing climate change through their ESG policies, up 13% from last year.



Companies with strong ESG policies are expected to have a 10% exit premium.

The Patch difference

  • Projects

    Gain access to the broadest collection of vetted climate action projects, across 15 technology types and 6 continents.

  • Technology

    Our platform powers both corporate and consumer-facing climate programs — seamlessly and at scale.

  • Transparency

    We're passionate about creating transparency in the carbon credit industry. We provide our clients complete visibility into project details and ratings, credit delivery status, and fees.

  • Team

    We’re an experienced group of climate and technology industry veterans bringing our expertise to bear to support our clients in taking meaningful action.

EQT leverages Patch to make climate action holistic

To compensate for their unavoidable carbon emissions, EQT wanted to support a collection of frontier carbon removal solutions. Patch created a customized portfolio of credits aligned with the social cost of carbon.
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“We hope our example can guide the companies we invest in towards achieving net-zero emissions themselves in a similarly impactful way. Patch is a great partner with whom to do so.”
a person smiling for the camera
Julia Wikmark
Head of Corporate Sustainability at EQT

Reaching your climate goals just got simpler

Patch helps banking and financial services companies reach their climate goals faster.

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