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Supporting carbon removal and avoidance solutions is key to climate leadership. Patch helps governments fund geographically relevant projects and maximize sustainability budgets

Scale high-integrity climate projects in your region

Constituents are demanding real action on climate change — and public sector leaders are working hard to deliver on their commitments. By contributing to carbon removal and avoidance solutions, governments as well as industry organizations and coalitions can consolidate demand and supercharge local projects.


Over 1,100 cities have committed to halve emissions by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050


136 signatory countries, responsible for 83% of global emissions, have made net zero pledges


47 countries have set long-term strategies that include carbon removal
“Recognizing the urgency to achieve commercial scale carbon removal within the decade, First Movers Coalition members have pledged to catalyze innovation through sizable commitments to purchase durable and scalable carbon removal. The First Movers Coalition's implementation partners for carbon removal play an important role in enabling these commitments, and we welcome Patch as our latest implementation partner.”
John Kerry
U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate

The science supporting removals

Carbon credits are powerful market-based tools to drive billions of dollars toward incentivizing the development and scaling of innovative climate projects.

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The nexus of
climate action

Patch operates at the nexus point of climate, tech, and policy — driving the acceleration of carbon markets.

As implementation partners for the World Economic Forum’s First Movers Coalition, members of VCMI’s Stakeholder Forum, and trusted thought partners to governments and standards developers around the world, Patch is shaping the future of carbon markets to maximize their climate impact.

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The Patch difference

  • Projects

    Gain access to the broadest selection of vetted climate action projects across 23 technology types and 6 continents.

  • Technology

    The Patch platform is purpose-built for carbon markets, powering enterprise-grade climate programs seamlessly and at scale.

  • Transparency

    We're committed to the highest standards of transparency in the VCM. Our software offers total visibility into project details and ratings, credit delivery status, and fees.

  • Team

    We’re a global team of climate and technology industry veterans, bringing deep expertise and innovation to maximize our clients’ climate impact.

Take action today

Speak with Patch to take advantage of our carbon removal and avoidance solutions and unify climate action for your communities.

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