Deemed “the climate implementation summit," Patch had the opportunity to bring together business leaders, policymakers and innovators within carbon markets and net-zero pathways to share learnings and refine our solutions at COP27 (Conference of the Parties) this year. Our top insights related to the voluntary carbon market?

  • Carbon removal is playing a key role in mitigating the growing climate crisis
  • There are still major gaps between companies and coalitions making commitments and operationalizing those pledges
  • Lack of unified, holistic thinking on net-zero is making it difficult for businesses to leverage carbon credits consistently

Read our complete takeaways here

Patch executives traveled to Sharm el-Sheikh to speak on panels across COP27, host events and meet with stakeholders and peers across the climate action ecosystem.

Patch in the Blue Zone

Corporate Net-Zero: A deep dive on developing and executing a robust net-zero strategy

Hosted by Patch, this panel discussion examined the details of corporate net-zero strategies, from emissions accounting, to reductions, to carbon credits. Panelists included:

  • Luiz Amaral, CEO, SBTi
  • Tariye Gbadegesin, Co-Chair, VCMI
  • Brennan Spellacy, CEO & Co-founder, Patch
  • Abyd Karmali, Managing Director, ESG & Sustainable Finance, Bank of America
“SBTi is working to see what guidance and mechanisms we can use to further promote the use of investments beyond actual corporate operations, through carbon markets and others." - Luiz Amaral, CEO, SBTi
Patch CEO and Co-Founder Brennan Spellacy speaking at Blue Zone, COP27
Corporate net-zero panel discussion at COP27

Patch in the Sustainable Innovation Forum

Integrity in carbon markets: What is needed to ensure we are truly protecting and regenerating the planet?

Carbon markets are rapidly growing as companies and consumers look to minimize the environmental impact of their choices. This panel brought together experts to discuss how to meet the demand for a global carbon market in ways that operate effectively and ensure genuine benefits for the planet. Panelists included:

  • Francisco Benedito, Co-Founder & CEO, ClimateTrade
  • Brennan Spellacy, CEO & Co-Founder, Patch
  • Dr. Spencer Meyer, Head of Science, NCX
  • Suzi Kerr, Senior Vice President & Chief Economist, Environmental Defense Fund
  • Angelene Huang, CEO & Founder, Alliance for Impact
  • Moderated by: Satya S. Tripathi, Secretary-General, Global Alliance for a Sustainable Planet
"We need core data to understand the value of carbon credits. We can leverage technology to build that framework and guarantee interoperability within carbon markets.” - Brennan Spellacy, CEO & Co-Founder, Patch
Patch CEO and Co-Founder Brennan Spellacy speaking at panel at COP27
Sustainable Innovation Forum at COP27

Patch at Goals House

Crushing Carbon: Deep Dive on Corporate Net-Zero

Patch hosted a roundtable discussion at Goals House, bringing together corporate and climate leaders to explore and examine the details of corporate net-zero strategies. The Chatham House rules discussion facilitated shared insights and learnings on how to make net- zero strategies and efforts more efficient and impactful.

Patch roundtable at Goals House, COP27
COP27 Goals House event on corporate net-zero strategies

Patch + Plan A Executive Breakfast

Together with Plan A, Patch invited a small group of senior leaders for a conversation about the voluntary carbon markets and the innovative work being done today to enable corporations to take seamless climate action.

Patch and Plan A Executive Breakfast at COP27

CDR Community Social

Together with XPRIZE, UN High Level Champions’ CDR @ COP, Carbon Business Council, DACCoalition and Open Air Collective, Patch hosted an inaugural CDR community social bringing together over 120 innovators, standard setters, UN and government officials and project developers in the climate space.

In addition to our panels and formal events, the Patch team met with a wide range of business and political leaders, policymakers and climate innovators in the official UN Blue Zone, Green Zone, Terra Carta Action Forum, Bloomberg Green Summit, Sustainable Innovation Forum, and NY Times Climate Hub.

While there is still much work to be done to tackle climate change and limit the impacts of global warming to 1.5C, we left feeling energized by the solutions being developed and optimistic about global momentum for climate action.

Patch CEO and Co-Founder Brennan Spellacy with Gwenaelle Avice-Huet, Luis Amara, Catherine McKenna, Lucy Hargreaves
Brennan Spellacy, Patch CEO & Co-Founder with (left to right, top to bottom): Gwenaelle Avice-Huet, Schneider Electric Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer; Luis Amaral, CEO of SBTi; Catherine McKenna, Chair of UN Net Zero and Lucy Hargreaves, Patch Head of Public Affairs and Policy

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