We can’t wait

It's hard to watch the constant debate among all of us in the climate community. On one hand, accountability only comes through vigorous disagreement, and ultimately, scientific consensus is often built on conflict. On the other, I know this movement will only get so far as we pull together in the same direction.

We're not close to the magnitude of investment we need to be making in carbon dioxide removal (CDR). Will we be able to unify around solutions? Or will we be paralyzed into inaction?

We invested $755 billion in clean energy in 2021, and while that number needs to triple by 2025 in order to have a chance at hitting our climate goals according to a study from BloombergNEF, investment in CDR is even further behind.

Accelerating the carbon market. That’s the theme for 2023 that came through loud and clear from eight leading climate action experts.

Despite the need for rapid innovation, both investors and project developers often take a “wait and see” approach. For investors, that may look like hedging against greenwashing, while project developers are waiting to explore markets and monetization until later stages of their development.

But we can’t wait — especially for early stage projects who have everything to gain from exploring market potential sooner rather than later. Why?

We’ve all heard The Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets (TSVCM) estimate that demand for carbon credits could increase by a factor of 15 or more by 2030 and by a factor of up to 100 by 2050. This demand will be supported not only by the existing project developers scaling up their existing operations of well-defined pathways to emissions reduction and carbon removal, but also bolstered by new, innovative pathways to climate action.

While Patch is focused on making climate action part of everybody’s business by helping growing and established carbon project developers deliver their credits to customers, we also work with the newest, most innovative partners to help them scale. We're on a mission to bring together the widest variety of partners and solutions on the planet so we can all pull in the same direction: unified climate action.

A new ecosystem partnership

This is why we’re excited to partner with decarbonization consulting and auditing firm, EcoEngineers, a team of catalytic experts guiding carbon markets from policy to practice.

“Our partnership with Patch works well because our offerings complement each other in a rapidly expanding market,” explains Shashi Menon, CEO of EcoEngineers. “Their software infrastructure and commercial prowess works nicely alongside our technical expertise in the carbon markets. Together, we help project developers develop robust, credible offerings.”

EcoEngineers is supporting Patch’s network of early-stage developers to build Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification programs (MRV) for their projects, create project-specific methodologies, and incorporate third-party verification into each project’s scale-up process.

We are excited to partner with EcoEngineers to advance the most innovative areas of the carbon markets. We have seen their high-quality work product first-hand when it comes to getting innovative businesses ready for broader commercialization.

We have already gotten started

Patch and EcoEngineers have already successfully supported businesses like California-based Andes, a company that is leveraging beneficial microorganisms to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and convert it into minerals for thousands of years, as well as Seaweed Generation, Drax, and Brilliant Planet.

“The support we received from both Patch and EcoEngineers at the start of our commercial journey was critical to the earliest part of our carbon project development,” says Gonzalo Fuenzalida, Chief Executive Officer of Andes Ag, Inc.

Adam Taylor, CEO of Brilliant Planet added: “We want to be ready for broader commercialization; Patch and EcoEngineers have both supported us in taking our really innovative approach to carbon removal and getting it ready for the market to buy into.”

These developers are working with Patch to manage and scale their carbon credit sales operations, with support from EcoEngineers to ensure their methodologies are highly transparent and trusted from the very outset of coming to market.

We are all in this together

As the platform scaling unified climate action, Patch is excited to unite different members of our ecosystem. As a project developer, it’s never too early to connect with us about what you’re building — We are continuing to add new elements to our platform, including how we partner with project developers. Our goal remains to foster trust in the market while catalyzing the most cutting edge CDR projects around, and we want to support you at any stage through our technology and market presence.

Accelerating this market will certainly mean a fair share of iteration and debate, but it will ultimately mean all of us pulling together toward progress. That’s Patch’s part to play. I hope you’ll play it with us!

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