Here at Patch, we know #EarthDay isn’t just a once-a-year occasion. That’s why we’re sharing a way to make this year’s event a bit more sustainable, with our new Subscriptions feature. 

Now companies using Patch can enable impactful carbon removal contributions from their supporters on a recurring basis. Here are just a few of our incredible partners who are already utilizing the feature.

Living Carbon

Plant photosynthesis is a long-understood, natural way to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Living Carbon is on a mission to enhance the well-known power of plants to rebalance the planet’s carbon cycle and address the climate crisis. Through their responsible biotechnology, they leverage photosynthesis-enhanced trees to capture and store carbon at a rate much faster than would naturally occur. By focusing on the enhancement of Earth’s natural systems, these projects offer co-benefits of restored ecosystems and improved biodiversity. 

Support Living Carbon with a monthly contribution.


The building sector accounts for nearly 40% of greenhouse gas emissions, in part from the carbon emitted from manufacturing and building materials. 

CarbonCure is advancing carbon utilization technologies to help make concrete production more sustainable across the world. By retrofitting their innovative technology into concrete plants, they help producers inject carbon into fresh concrete mix. Not only does this CO2-infused concrete permanently store dangerous carbon, it also creates a stronger, more durable product. 

Support CarbonCure with a monthly contribution.

Ready to incorporate climate action into your business? Reach out!

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