Unlocking an economy of scale

CarbonOS helps Eion grow revenue and streamline their operations.

Eion is ready to scale up its novel carbon removal solution. A big piece of the puzzle is generating demand and simplifying operations.


Patch CarbonOS helped streamline Eion’s credit management processes and opened up a wide new network of buyers to grow revenue.

Solving climate change is sometimes framed as a zero sum game. In order to rebalance the planet, we’ll have to make sacrifices. While hard choices will no doubt be part of the pathway toward a livable future, there are solutions that offer us a “win-win” — for the planet and for the people who live on it.

Eion was founded in 2021 with the dual objectives of scaling permanent carbon removal and supporting rural communities. A true win-win. Their approach to enhanced rock weathering leverages existing agricultural infrastructure to provide durable carbon removal while also creating jobs and improving soil health.

Enhanced rock weathering works by speeding up one of Earth’s natural carbon removal mechanisms. Minerals are crushed and spread on farmland, which naturally trap CO2 as it weathers. It increases soil Ph, which improves plants’ growing environment. As the minerals run off to the ocean, they form carbonates which sink to the bottom, permanently stored at the bottom of the sea.

Eion’s approach to carbon removal drew early interest from investors who called out the technology’s "high potential to scale." And for Eion, scale isn’t just a possibility, it’s a requisite.

"Economies of scale are critical when moving rocks," explained Leah VanRyn, VP of Growth at Eion. "Patch is moving the needle for us by generating demand that helps unlock the financing to continue scaling our operations."

Problem: Eion needed to scale both their sales and operations

With access to the minerals locked in and farmers secured to distribute to, a critical next step toward scaling their solution was generating and capitalizing on demand for their credits. Eion needed reliable sales channels to drive large volume transactions.

Furthermore, operationalizing those transactions can be complex behind the scenes. Manually tracking inventory is time-consuming and prone to breakdowns. It also encourages organizational silos and restricts cross-functional collaboration.

Lastly, reporting on that information was highly manual. They were looking for a way to streamline pulling data and visualizing it for investors and board members.

Solution: Patch drives meaningful sales and streamlines inventory management

Eion turned to Patch to help scale carbon credit sales to access new revenue streams – driving a greater demand signal that can unlock financing. Patch’s CarbonOS platform was able to deliver on that promise, as well as consolidate and simplify inventory management to facilitate greater efficiency of operations.

“What makes CarbonOS completely unique is that not only is it the most robust inventory management system on the market, it’s also helping us sell our inventory. It’s both those things together that make Patch an excellent partner.”  
Leah VanRyn, VP of Growth at Eion

With Patch, Eion got a simple way to offer retail sales directly on their website, or send the link to smaller customers who are looking for a more streamlined purchasing experience they don’t have to manage manually. Patch is also driving real volume for Eion through our marketplace by offering their credits to our network of buyers.

In addition to driving demand for Eion, Patch is also helping them streamline their carbon management operations to support their growing business.

"Having the right tools in place to scale is essential to our business,” VanRyn explained. “Before Patch CarbonOS, we manually tracked inventory. But as we grow, manually tracking takes more and more time. Now, we can easily manage available inventory and reserve credits for upcoming re-purchases."

CarbonOS operationalizes the lifecycle of a credit from end to end. No more manual tracking, no more dozens of spreadsheets — it’s a single source of truth for all stakeholders on the sales side and the operations side. With less manual tracking, teams get time back and make fewer mistakes. You can have confidence your information is up-to-date and uniform throughout your workflow. Plus, CarbonOS makes data visualization and reporting simpler with built-in reporting out of the box.

Patch CarbonOS is helping Eion scale their solution so our climate and rural communities can achieve a win-win scenario.

Reaching your climate goals just got easier.

Patch makes it simple for businesses and their customers to reach their climate goals faster.

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