A climate-friendly way to travel

Safara uses Patch to deliver carbon-neutral hotel stays with every booking

Safara wanted to offer carbon-neutral bookings to their climate-conscious customers.


With Patch, Safara can automatically offset the emissions from each hotel stay, with no additional effort from their customers.

When it comes to travel plans, settling on a hotel is often the most cumbersome part of the process. That’s because it can mean sifting through hundreds—if not thousands—of search results, comparing prices to find the best possible rate, and navigating myriad reviews from people whose idea of a great property may or may not align with your own. Still, none of this guarantees a beautiful stay.

That’s where Safara comes in. They know people are in search of a new way to travel—and they’ve started with the hotel reservation. The booking platform provides access to over 500K properties and a list of curated properties worldwide, making it easy to find a great place to stay.

“Every hotel listing comes from a personal recommendation by us or someone we know,” explains Head of Product, Will Rocklin, “Or it meets an array of criteria to ensure a great hotel experience.”

In addition, Safara guarantees the best available rate and offers 10% credit back on every stay, to apply towards future bookings. They also automatically make every booking carbon neutral. Doing so meant embedding emissions estimation and carbon credits directly into every purchase. And for that they turned to Patch.

Invisible carbon compensation 

Patch connects companies of all sizes with trusted carbon credits from an expertly vetted, broad set of projects. In Safara’s case, they integrated the Patch API to automatically estimate the emissions footprint for every booking based on the length of stay, location, and property category—then offset those emissions using carbon credits for a Living Carbon reforestation project they selected.

The customer need not worry about any of these details, however. Instead, they can rest assured knowing that every booking is automatically made carbon neutral at no additional cost. That’s because finding the right hotel is daunting enough as it is.

“Customers don’t need to make another decision,” continues Rocklin. “If they want to know more about how we offset each stay, the information is a click away. Thanks to Patch, customers can travel in a more environmentally conscious way.” 

Climate action, front and center

Safara plans to build more products and services using Patch, and also hopes to expand their carbon credit portfolio to include other impactful projects.

One thing that won’t change: automatic carbon compensation with every booking. As Rocklin explains, this will always be an integral component of Safara’s model.

“As a company, one of the most important things you can do today is ensure everything you offer is carbon neutral. And frankly, when there are solutions out there like Patch—which is both easy to implement and inexpensive—there’s no excuse not to.”

Reaching your climate goals just got easier.

Patch makes it simple for businesses and their customers to reach their climate goals faster.

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