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Reach new customers without allocating additional resources.

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Let Patch be your second sales team

Scale your sales passively without adding the complexity of additional contracts. Patch facilitates spot, recurring, and multi-year purchases through our network of corporate buyers and partners.


Offer your projects to a vast network of carbon credit buyers around the world on the Patch marketplace.


Secure committed forward revenue over the long term with multi-year offtake agreements while Patch takes care of the complexity.

Carbon accounting partners

Patch works with more than 30 carbon accounting partners to support end-to-end climate action.


Make your credits available to consumers through Patch's integrations into popular digital experiences

How projects are approved for the Patch Marketplace

Our project acceptance criteria represent the synthesis and curation of leading standards based on thorough scrutiny alongside internal and external leaders in the space. There are three categories of requirements:

  • Verification and validation:
    These requirements ensure every project on the Patch marketplace has had its methodology, project, and outcomes verified by a third party.
  • Additional eligibility requirements:
    Our framework excludes certain project types and measurement approaches based on the latest scientific consensus.
  • Supplier accountability:
    We require suppliers to disclose their role in project development, share the name of the project developer, and confirm that the project aligns to the ICVCM CCPs.
Please review the full set of Project Acceptance Criteria before submitting your project.
The criteria can be found in the Quick Reference section on page 34 of our Trust and Safety white paper.
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How it works

Five simple steps to get your credits listed on Patch

  • 01  Review Patch’s Project Acceptance Criteria

    Review Patch’s Project Acceptance Criteria to confirm your project aligns to the requirements.

    View project acceptance criteria
  • 02  Contact us to get started

    Please complete this short form. Someone from our team will get in touch to discuss your project and share next steps

  • 03  Review and accept the Patch service agreement.

    Patch does not pre-purchase credits. Instead, you will allocate credits that you would like to reserve for Patch sales, and these will be made available for Patch buyers to purchase.

  • 04  Complete the Patch Onboarding Assessment

    Patch reviews all credit submissions to ensure alignment with our Project Acceptance Criteria. You will need to complete an onboarding assessment for every project you’d like to list.

  • 05  Get your credits listed!

    Work with our team to create a project page for each project submitted, and add your inventory to the marketplace.

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