Deliver a seamless purchase experience to every customer

Patch makes selling carbon credits simple, so you can transact safely with your customers and effortlessly expand your reach to new ones.

Patch marketplace

Let Patch be your second sales team

Scale your sales passively without adding the complexity of additional contracts. Patch facilitates spot, recurring, and multi-year purchases through our network of corporate buyers and partners.

Direct purchase

Offer your projects to a vast network of carbon credit buyers around the world on the Patch marketplace.


Secure committed forward revenue over the long term with multi-year offtake agreements while Patch takes care of the complexity.

Carbon accounting partners

Patch works with more than 30 carbon accounting partners
to support end-to-end climate action.


Make your credits available to consumers by embedding a buying opportunity in any transaction.

Direct sales

Deliver a seamless purchase experience to your customers out of the box

Sell through your website or send a purchase link to new customers, collecting payment securely and compliantly.

PCI compliant and secure payments
No coding required — easily build and edit as needed, without engineering resources
Optimized UX featuring project imagery of your choice
Delivery tracking

Build trust with buyers

Leverage Patch’s fulfillment infrastructure to deliver a flawless, effortless post-purchase experience.

Order status tracking

When you sell through Patch, buyers will receive a link to track the status of their order.

Confidence-building purchase certificates

Patch generates a purchase certificate for the buyer that updates to reflect delivery confirmation once you’ve fulfilled their order.

Growing your carbon credit revenue just got easier

The revenue you need to unlock your next stage of growth is at your fingertips with Patch CarbonOS.

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