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The climate action platform for companies of all sizes

Take climate action today and help scale the carbon removal and avoidance solutions we’ll rely on tomorrow. Patch provides software companies with access to the widest range of carbon credit projects to bolster your climate strategies.

According to the REF, by 2025, the global share of GHG emissions from digital technologies is expected to account for 8% of all GHG emissions.

Scale high-integrity climate technologies

Access the widest range of cutting-edge and nature-based projects making an impact today. Patch’s platform makes it easy to get transparent data on solutions of all types around the globe.



Scope 3 emissions account for the majority of a technology company’s emissions



73% of Tech CXOs plan to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030



Data centers and data transmission networks accounted for around 330 MtCO₂e in 2020
As a values driven company, we look to partners who prioritize integrity and quality. Companies must use multiple strategies to get to a 1.5°C world, which means utilizing diverse solutions from tried-and-true methods to investing in innovative technologies and promising new pathways. By partnering with Patch, we can accelerate climate solutions while also ensuring consistent access and prices for long-term sustainability."
Erik Hansen
CSO, Workday
We are committed to purchasing high-integrity carbon credits that offer significant co-benefits. We aim to strategically choose projects located in every region where AVEVA operates, balancing a diverse portfolio with competitive pricing. We've chosen to partner with Patch, given their ability to meet these objectives and offer a variety of projects that align with our corporate values and climate action goals."
Lisa Wee
Global Head of Sustainability, AVEVA
We consider it our duty to buy genuine and impactful carbon credits, whilst striving to lower our emissions. We’re pleased to collaborate with Patch, leveraging their expertise and project portfolio, to acquire these credits.”
Ines Zucchino
SVP of Strategy and ESG, Finastra

The science supporting removals

Carbon credits are powerful market-based tools to drive billions of dollars toward incentivizing the development and scaling of innovative climate projects. Learn more about the science of climate action.

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The nexus of
climate action

Patch operates at the nexus point of climate, tech, and policy driving the acceleration of carbon markets.

As implementation partners for the World Economic Forum’s First Movers Coalition, members of the Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity Initiative’s Stakeholder Forum, and trusted thought partners to governments and standards developers around the world, Patch is shaping the future of carbon markets to maximize their climate impact.

The Patch difference

  • Projects

    Gain access to the broadest selection of vetted climate action projects across 23 technology types and 6 continents.

  • Technology

    The Patch platform is purpose-built for carbon markets, powering enterprise-grade climate programs seamlessly and at scale.

  • Transparency

    We're committed to the highest standards of transparency in the Voluntary Carbon Market. We provide visibility into project details, third-party ratings, and through our platform, share credit delivery status and retirement certificates. 

  • Team

    We’re a global team of climate and technology industry veterans, bringing deep expertise and innovation to maximize our customers’ climate impact.

Gorgias diversifies and amplifies their climate impact with Patch

Patch’s Portfolios provided the information and simplicity for Gorgias to contribute funds to multiple carbon avoidance and removal projects in one transaction.
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Because we wanted to support traditional and frontier technologies, Patch was a great fit. Compared to buying directly from six developers, the process with Patch was fast and simple.”
Brittany-Marie Walker
Impact Ambassador at Gorgias

A greener Route 
to ecommerce

Route wanted to make carbon neutral shipping simple and accessible for shoppers and merchants. With Patch, Route's customers can make contributions to trusted climate projects.
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Sustainability has always been important to me and something I wanted to bake into the business. Patch helped us select the right project and made it easy for us.”
Evan Walker
Founder/CEO of Route

Take action today

Speak with Patch to access carbon removal and avoidance solutions on our platform today.

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