2021 Year in Review
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January 11, 2022
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There’s no better mission to be on than one that supports climate action, helping to save this beautiful place we call home. We’re on a mission to enable giga-tonne scale carbon removal by building the infrastructure for a sustainable economy. Businesses play a huge role here, with an opportunity to decarbonize their operations by compensating for unavoidable emissions. In 2021, Patch was busy working to build the most effective and responsible way to help businesses with their decarbonization. And, we are humbled by the impact we have been able to make already. Thank you to all of our customers and early adopters that helped us bring our mission to life this year!

Carbon removal Programs Established

2021 brought over 50 new customers across the spectrum of company size, industry and geography that resulted in great success offsetting carbon emissions!


We’re proud of the huge impact our customers have had, especially in the ecommerce industry, where rapid growth in the sector has resulted in significant emissions increases from transportation and shipping. Afterpay, EasyPost, FARFETCH Platform Solutions, and many others from the ecommerce space were able to take action with Patch, embedding carbon removal solutions directly into their ecommerce platforms. You can read more about their amazing efforts here.

Carbon Accounting 

Another highlight from 2021 is our partnership with Persefoni, the intelligent carbon accounting and management platform for enterprises and financial services organizations. With help from Patch, Persefoni has launched the Zero-Commission Carbon Offset Marketplace (ZCCOM), enabling climate-conscious users to purchase certified, long-term offsets. ZCCOM makes it easier than ever for companies to add carbon removal to their core business processes. 

Other key partners working to embed carbon removal into their carbon accounting experience include Doconomy, Sustain.Life, PlanA, MUGO, and Aclymate, just to name a few. Take a look at the additional use cases here.


Patch is at the forefront of climate-positive crypto, powering social impact yield farming, clean NFTs, carbon-neutral ETFs, and more. We’ve even supported the growing regenerative finance (ReFi) ecosystem which made a major impact on voluntary carbon markets in 2021. 

Carbon Offsets Partnerships Expansion

In addition to these big customer highlights, we’ve been able to support our project developer partners too. For example:

  • 20 project developer partners - across five geographies.  
  • 38 carbon offset projects to select from including: kelp forest sequestration, mineralization, biochar, forestry, and regenerative agriculture projects

We’ve reached over 100k people

From podcasts to global conferences, Patch has been scaling the carbon removal industry, doing our part to connect and educate. Our Co-founder and CEO, Brennan Spellacy has been spreading the word. A few notable appearances:

  • Web Summit in Lisbon where we presented Code Red for Humanity: The technologies helping us avert a climate disaster  - Watch the video 
  • The Sustainable Innovation Forum at COP26in Glasgow where we teamed up with Mastercard to present the panel discussion - Citizen Warriors: Engaging the World's People in the Fight Against Climate Change.

We’re just getting started…

We’ve entered our new phase of growth by raising $20M in Series A funding, which has already helped us continue on our mission of removing carbon from the atmosphere at gigatonne scale. In addition, we grew our team from 5 to 25 in 2021 and opened our first international office in London, focused on European expansion. The growth continues. We’re recruiting as we speak for key roles. If you’re interested in joining our team, take a look at our open positions here.

We look forward to working with forward-thinking brands that are building innovative climate features and tackling their own corporate carbon footprints. Will you join us in our mission to enable giga-tonne scale carbon removal?

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