In the wake of the recent COP26 summit in Glasgow, UN Climate Action lead Richa Sahay called on world leaders to give more startups a voice in the climate conversation. Startups are “the beacon of innovation,” she wrote in Fortune. “It is time to give them a seat at the table when major decisions are made.”

I’d spent more than a week at COP26 and could empathize with Richa’s message. Patch was one of countless startups to showcase its technologies and ideas at the global event, but it was clear that our unique position as a disruptive, API-first carbon removal marketplace—backed by more than $20 million in funding—could be a true catalyst in moving the needle on gigaton-scale carbon sequestration.

There’s no time to wait, however, for an invitation to sit at the international climate action table. That’s why we’ve decided to pull up a chair: Patch is going global. 

To build on our existing operations across North America, Patch is officially headed to Europe in an expansion that will include:

  • New offices in London to drive local relationships
  • Language updates to our product set to support French, German, Swedish, Italian, and Polish, with more coming soon
  • Updated currency options to support Euros, GBP, Swedish Krona, Danish Krone, and Polish Zloty

So much of Patch’s growth can already be attributed to European suppliers including Sweden-based biochar removal company ECOERA, France-based afforestation company EcoTree and The Future Forest Company, a UK-based organization that focuses on enhanced weathering. With a new army of boots on the ground in Europe, we’re eager to uncover the  latest pioneers of negative emission technologies to complement our portfolio of projects.

This expansion will also allow Patch to build on its growing list of European customers leading the charge on corporate climate action, including Doconomy, FARFETCH Platform Solutions, Plan A, Trafi, Felix Capital and BunkerEx

"Where Doconomy is uniquely positioned to do all impact calculations, Patch is uniquely positioned in the carbon removal space. Patch is at the forefront of enabling European companies to achieve their climate goals and Europeans to participate in climate action because of its network of high-quality carbon removal projects and its flexible product for European markets."  said Mathias Wikström, co-founder and CEO of Doconomy.

"European companies and residents are participating in climate action like never before. While much of the focus and success has been on footprint reduction, it still remains challenging for businesses and individuals to neutralize unavoidable emissions. Patch solves for this challenge by enabling businesses to seamlessly offset their corporate footprints through a portfolio of high-quality carbon removal projects and embed carbon removal into digital experiences so their end customers can offset the emissions from their activities." said Hampus Jakobsson, general partner at Pale Blue Dot.

Of course, gigaton-scale carbon sequestration cannot be reached without collaborative and creative teams to drive our carbon removal solutions. We’re seeking passionate, values-driven people across engineering, product, design, marketing, sales, and account management to help us build the rocket ship that will elevate our mission to new heights. If you’re ready to power tomorrow’s climate-positive economy in Europe, check out our list of available career opportunities today.

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