“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” The popular adage rings true not only in the context of business and financial performance, but sustainability performance as well.

The role of carbon accounting in the sustainability journey 

Measuring a company’s carbon footprint is a critical, often first, and always defining step in the sustainability journey. And with the number of companies committed to a 1.5C pathway surpassing 1,000, the business leaders Patch engages with are more and more frequently searching for the right carbon accounting provider to start their net zero journey. 

Unfortunately, identifying the right carbon measurement partner is not always a simple process:

The provider landscape is overwhelming. Patch has cataloged over 250 carbon accounting providers, from pre-seed stage companies driving tech innovation to corporate monoliths deploying standard Excel models and client support practices.

“Carbon measurement” covers a broad range of services. A company may seek to set a high-level corporate baseline footprint, develop a detailed process or product lifecycle assessment (LCA), or estimate the impact tied to millions of ongoing transactions. All carbon measurement, all calling for a different approach.

Every company’s business and sustainability needs are unique. There is no one-stop-shop for a given company. Depending on a company’s industry, size, geography, and sustainability needs, there is likely a specific subset of providers to best serve their needs. 

Carbon accounting remains unstandardized and incomplete. Carbon measurement has not yet reached the level of standardization seen in financial accounting. Without standardization and with gaps in emission factor libraries, stories of carbon footprints varying by up to 5x (500%) across providers will subsist.

No doubt, the carbon accounting ecosystem is a complex one, but well worth tackling. Patch has made the deliberate choice not to directly provide these services, but through thousands of conversations with sustainability leaders around the world, we can offer a framework to help identify the right provider. Because every company deserves to find a fit-for-purpose provider to kickstart their climate journey.

Introducing the Patch Partner Directory

To date, we’ve helped hundreds of companies find the right carbon measurement partner and today we’re excited to open-source this offer to the world. The new Patch Partner Directory is a collection of Patch’s most trusted climate ecosystem partners.

Over the past year, the Patch team cataloged over 250 carbon measurement providers. We characterized the products and services offered by each and identified over 20 categories of differentiation across data, analytics, product and customer capabilities. We took all of this information and boiled it down into 4 key factors to index around when searching for providers, and a list of 10 notable service features that help delineate providers.

Ready to try it? Just enter your company size, geography of interest, industry, and services of interest and see who can help! 

We’re proud to partner closely with more than 30 of the top carbon measurement firms in the world, and we trust you'll enjoy working with them as well.

What to expect from the Partner Directory 

We’re just getting started. At Patch, we truly believe that we’re all in this together, and our emphasis on partnership across the climate journey is one way we bring that value to life. In coming quarters, you can expect our partner directory to grow and evolve. 

Growth: Patch is actively welcoming new, high-integrity climate partners into our network who complement our existing partner ecosystem and improve our customer climate journeys. If we missed your favorite carbon measurement provider, let us know. Our list of current partners are also constantly expanding their services and offerings.

Evolution: While a critical first step, carbon accounting is just one part of the climate journey. Expect the Patch Partner Directory to expand across demand-side to showcase offerings like ESG metrics and embedded climate products as well as supply-side verification and monitoring services.

How to work with Patch alongside our partner network

Patch is excited to support alongside our partners in your climate journey. 

Patch can help you meet your climate commitments, both near and far. Patch can help you contribute to exciting and impactful carbon removal technologies. Patch’s API can enable you to deliver climate impact to your customers and stakeholders. And now, Patch can help you find the best carbon measurement partner to kick start your climate journey.

We’re all in this together. 

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