We’re on a mission to rebalance the planet.

To rebalance our planet, all solutions are needed. Reducing emissions as fast as possible is essential, but is not enough. That’s where Patch comes in.

Trust in every transaction

Have confidence in the impact of a diverse portfolio of carbon credits with Patch. We work with the leading climate projects in the world who are putting us on a path to a planet in balance.
Take climate action
Joining global leaders and policy pioneers

Patch is at the forefront of discussions around climate innovation and growing the carbon credit market responsibly.

We recently joined delegates from around the world in Sharm el-Sheikh for the 2022 UN Conference of the Parties (COP27) to share insights related to corporate net-zero policies, voluntary market guidelines and scaling carbon removal capacity.

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The simple way to take climate action

Taking action to fight climate change doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Patch makes it simple for companies and their customers to reach their climate goals.

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Cutting-edge technology

Patch creates the technology infrastructure needed to unify scalable climate action. With a flexible, enterprise-grade climate API, Patch can be integrated into any product experience to enable transaction-level emissions estimates for a wide range of activites and create a seamless carbon credit purchase experience. With Patch, it’s easy to purchase as little as 1 gram or as much as 1 million+ metric tonnes of carbon credits.

See what customers are building
Expert Guidance

The Patch Climate Solutions team provides personalized, hands-on guidance ranging from general market insights to custom carbon credit portfolio construction-- ensuring all purchases are made with confidence.

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Transparent climate action.

Forward thinking companies trust Patch to help them reach their climate goals. We provide the information they need to help them make purchase decisions that align with their climate action plans.

By providing detailed contextual data about projects and developers, companies can fund more projects to drive more meaningful climate impact.

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Making carbon credits meaningful with Doconomy

Doconomy wanted to contribute beyond its corporate footprint in a truly impactful way. With Patch, they developed an approach that includes a portfolio of frontier technologies.

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Passionate people
driving change forward

We built Patch because we’re passionate about solving climate change and want to make a real difference. We’ve built an exceptional place to work for people who want to move fast and create significant impact.

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