We’re on a mission to rebalance the planet.

To rebalance our planet, all solutions are needed. Reducing emissions is essential, but it's not enough. That’s where Patch comes in.

Trust and safety built in

Take full confidence in your carbon credits purchases. Patch pairs project transparency with expert guidance and a portfolio approach to help clients minimize risk and maximize impact.

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Manage risk across transactions

Built-in assurances to reduce risk in every transaction:

  • Each Patch project passes a robust vetting process.

  • Details are visible and, where possible, enriched by third party ratings and analyses.

  • Patch provides default protection, enabling credits to be swapped in the case that a supplier fails to deliver on what was promised.

Personal advice from our experts

Patch’s Climate Solutions team offers personalized, hands-on guidance, from general market insights to custom carbon credit portfolio construction to insights from suppliers themselves — ensuring your credits map to your climate strategy.

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The widest selection of carbon credit projects

Build a diverse portfolio to mitigate risk and maximize climate impact. Patch has the deepest, broadest project network across technology types and geographies, protecting buyers and giving sellers access to new revenue.

Accelerating the carbon markets

We’re actively shaping the future of the voluntary carbon market by engaging policymakers and defining new standards of excellence.
Joining global leaders and policy pioneers

Patch is at the forefront of discussions around climate innovation and growing the carbon credit market responsibly.

We recently joined delegates from around the world in Sharm el-Sheikh for the 2022 UN Conference of the Parties (COP27) to share insights related to corporate net-zero policies, voluntary market guidelines and scaling carbon removal capacity.

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Scaling the surface area of Climate Neutral’s impact

Patch Radius enabled Climate Neutral to add a curated, branded dashboard to their carbon credit provider directory, making it simple for certifying brands to go from login to research to purchase of eligible verified carbon credits.

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Leading the way towards net zero with EQT

To compensate for their unavoidable carbon emissions, EQT wanted to support a collection of frontier carbon removal solutions. Patch created a customized portfolio of credits aligned with the social cost of carbon.

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Making carbon credits meaningful with Doconomy

Doconomy wanted to contribute beyond its corporate footprint in a truly impactful way. With Patch, they developed an approach that includes a portfolio of frontier technologies.

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Passionate people
driving change forward

We built Patch because we’re passionate about solving climate change and want to make a real difference. We’ve built an exceptional place to work for people who want to move fast and create significant impact.

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