Go with me here. What size pizza should you order?

If you said, “It depends how hungry I am,” you’re wrong. If you accept as a core premise that pizza is delicious cold or reheated and will stay fresh in your fridge for days (if it lasts that long), then your hunger level at the moment of purchase is irrelevant. What’s relevant is that pizza is typically sized and priced by diameter, or since we’re going to be talking about surface area here, twice the length of the radius.

Here are the current baseline prices for a Domino’s cheese pizza.

Small (10") Medium (12") Large (14") X-large (16")
$5.99 $7.99 $9.99 $11.99

You’ll see the price scales by regular increments equaling a dollar per inch. But pizzas are round, so let’s find out how much actual pizza we’re looking at here using our handy equation for the area of a circle, A=𝜋r².

Small (10") Medium (12") Large (14") X-large (16")
78.54 in² 113.1 in² 153.94 in² 201.06 in²

Maybe you see where I’m going with this. Here’s one more table with the price per square inch calculated.

Small (10") Medium (12") Large (14") X-large (16")
0.0763 $/in² 0.0706 $/in² 0.0649 $/in² 0.0596 $/in²

The amount of extra pizza you get for your money isn’t linear. It’s quadratic. The correct answer to the question should always be, “The biggest pizza there is.”

Now let’s imagine your own climate impact as a pizza. Alone, you’re a one-inch pizza. But imagine that every person you motivate to take action adds an inch to your radius. And then they add inches themselves. The effect on the total surface area is exponential.

The immediate takeaway is that you should never stop encouraging the people you know towards climate action. The next step is all about operationalizing the Pizza Principle of Unified Climate Action™ for maximum impact.

Now let’s add zeroes

We know individuals don’t bear the lion’s share of responsibility for the overall climate crisis; corporations overwhelmingly own the largest carbon footprints, and have the most potential to scale climate action to the gigatonnes worth of carbon emissions reduction and removal that are necessary to slow and ultimately reverse global heating. But most corporations are “ordering a small pizza” when it comes to their climate strategies.

Parent companies or other organizations at the heart of a wide network of other corporations are under-leveraging their networks of partners in their plans. Every inch a corporation can extend its radius of climate action will drive exponential gains in the surface area of its impact. 

That’s why Patch built Radius. It’s a mechanism for organizations at the center of a network to extend their climate impact exponentially.

“Patch Radius is a powerful new solution that will enable private equity firms to scale climate action with their portfolio companies. We are excited to see the impact of this new technology.”
Brian Chmelik, SVP, Head of Private Equity, Malk Partners

Patch Radius: Unified climate action at scale

Organizations like private equity groups, venture capital firms, consultancies, corporations with supply chain partners, and carbon accounting providers (to name a few) have already built networks of partnerships, clients, and portfolio companies. Those networks contain massive amounts of potential energy for climate impact. All they need is a bridge to get from potential to action.

Radius is built to be that bridge. It empowers you to easily roll out a tailored climate action program to every organization in your network. You curate and co-brand your version of the Patch platform and seamlessly invite your partner or client companies. You get full visibility into their transactions, and we offer professional services support to both you and your network throughout the process.

Radius has already facilitated the purchase of over 100k tonnes during the beta period since December. One organization using Radius to scale its climate action surface area is Climate Neutral. As a non-profit certification body, Climate Neutral sits at the nexus point of a network of corporations who are already looking to make a sustainability claim. Radius enables Climate Neutral to help those brands go from intent to action with four value propositions:

  1. Deliver a seamless client experience out of the box: Your organization's own instance of the Patch software platform offers a co-branded and streamlined experience for purchasing carbon credits — no coding required. Your clients can easily browse, evaluate, and purchase from a trustworthy selection of vetted, mission-aligned solutions, seamlessly building a diverse climate action portfolio.
  2. Empower your clients to act in alignment to your standards and preferences: Curate a selection of inventory from Patch’s network of carbon credit projects, based on your organization’s goals and preferences. Update your selected projects anytime, and tag your favorites as recommended, right from your Patch dashboard.
  3. Understand your network’s impact at a glance: Aggregate and client-level reporting makes it easy for your team to track clients’ drafts and completed purchases, and see your network’s overall impact.
  4. Minimize the operational lift on your team: Inventory sourcing, vetting, orders, retirements, and certificate generation are all managed by Patch, drastically reducing the operational effort and resources needed to implement an effective climate action program. Our team is also available to consult directly with your clients, reducing the need to resource carbon credit expertise on your own team.

There are two main obstacles that are very often the same for individuals as they are for companies:

  1. People and companies don’t know the right action to take, or
  2. The action seems too difficult to even get started

With Radius, you can seamlessly overcome both obstacles by providing your network with prescriptive steps that are easily and directly actionable in the platform. That means you can extend your climate impact radius faster and larger than ever.

Interested in Patch Radius? Get started today.

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